Boost Your Case Growth With Attorney SEO

attorney seo

Attorney SEO is a critical tool for law firms, as there are currently over 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S., and most potential clients do their research on Google. But how do you ensure your law firm gets the most exposure for your legal practice? Fortunately, there are several different ways to go about it. Below are some ways to increase your visibility and reach. Boost your case growth with attorney SEO. How do you choose an attorney SEO service?

Include your location in the navigation bar. This will send strong relevancy signals to Google. Also, make sure your attorneys page features an overview of your firm’s experience. You can also include a testimonial page to build trust. Lastly, include a contact page with a clearly labeled contact form. Incorporating the keywords on every page will increase your visibility in Google. And finally, use a variety of titles and descriptions to ensure your legal practice gets the exposure it deserves.

Link-building is a proven strategy for increasing website visibility. Rather than focusing on content that is specific to your niche, link-building encourages other websites to include your law firm’s link on their own site. Such link-building is also known as “offsite SEO” and involves making changes on external websites, such as the Yelp website. Although link-building from authority sites can be easy, some require payment for the privilege.

Use microformats to improve the speed of your site. One such tool is Google’s PageSpeed Tool. It allows users to test your site on desktops and even mobile devices. By using the tool, you can quickly identify if your website has any speed issues. It might be too slow to be user-friendly for them. If your site is slow, potential clients may not even bother to read it. The faster your site is, the better.

Hundreds of awards are available for attorneys. The vast majority of awards are for businesses and are purchased. Although Google rewards these businesses with their award, the truth is that the awards devalue in time. This is not to say that an award is useless, but it is worth considering if you want to boost your attorney SEO. The more links your website gets, the more likely people will choose your firm over others. The better content your attorney website has, the more likely you will be seen.

Google’s improved search algorithm has made it easier to identify relevant keywords for your business. For example, a lawyer who specializes in cannabis business law may want to write articles about the latest developments in the cannabis industry. If your client is searching for an attorney for cannabis law, the goal of your content should be to establish yourself as a Topical Authority in that niche. Having a high ranking on Google makes sense for your business. You can use this tool to improve your firm’s website by optimizing content for long-tail keywords.

HARO is another great resource for attorney SEO. HARO encourages attorneys to run for and purchase legal awards. This provides backlinks from their profile pages and builds social proof for their firms. Ultimately, attorney SEO benefits from being in the spotlight. In addition to winning awards, you can also nominate other lawyers to receive the same recognition. It may even happen that other lawyers will reciprocate. It’s a win-win situation!

If you’re an attorney, optimize your law firm for Google by updating all information on your website. Aside from your official website, make sure you include photos of your staff and office. The keywords you include in your profile should reflect the practice’s specialty. Moreover, be sure to include your website address and business hours. Adding these three items will increase your presence on Google. There are many more ways to improve attorney SEO. So, get started!

Get as many positive reviews as possible. Positive reviews are important for SEO, but there’s more to it than just rankings. Google’s ranking algorithm says that businesses with high reviews are more trustworthy than those without them. Thus, a lawyer’s website with high-quality reviews can improve the firm’s overall ranking. It’s important to ask for reviews from past clients. In turn, these reviews will increase the likelihood of getting a positive referral.